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Extra Heavy MV Combination

Extra Heavy MV with Trailer – EC

With our certified instructors giving the relevant training, the learner will be able to operate a code EC vehicle. To meet the standards set out by the Department Of Transport (DOT).

Our modules will cover the following: Evaluations include: (K53 standards)

  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Maneuvers (reversing, ally docking)
  • Driving on the road (robot controlled crossings, traffic circles, stop crossings, driving in traffic, response to other road users)
  • Manipulation of controls
  • Safe driving such as: changing lanes, overtaking, entering traffic etc.

Learner Entry:

  • Code 3 Learners Licence
  • R S A   ID Book / Traffic Register


Our Vehicles are fitted with dual control and are fully insured.

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